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Hi there!


The website you've put online will be mainly read by Germans. We all speak basic English, but when it comes down to the details, a lot of potential customers will not completely understand what you have to offer, the way it works and how they could benefit from it, so they won't buy.


If you use the automatic translation function, you are presenting a lot of nonsense to your customers. Just check it, by copying a part of the "German" translation and put it into google-translator to translate it back into English and then see what's written there....... need I say more?


I would be pleased to translate your website or landingpage into proper German (and/or Dutch) for you, so you will be able to get the full profit out of your advertisements on the German market and won't make a fool of yourself by using - let's call it "creative" German - any longer.


If you like, I can also offer you to answer any questions your new German customers will have. They would have a local German number they can contact, and someone who speaks their language, or answers their emails in German.


Are you interested? Then please contact me, so we can discuss what would be most beneficial for you and your business.


I look forward to hearing from you!



International phone number: 0049-37204-604151

Mobile number: 0049-171-7042575













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